Monday, May 19, 2008

Yipee! Finally it's a weekend. Finally, after a hectic week, i think i would be cancelling all my appointments for the weekend to just bum around the house. I need to fix up my room .. its totally a mess. I have just returned from Noosa and have not bothered unpacking my luggage, just merely throwing everything out and shoving it back in the suitcase, hoping the cleaning fairy will miraciously turn up and do my dirty work. I had a great time in Noosa, definetly what I needed, the food and accommodation at that place is fanastic!!

The week was really fast and hectic and I dont want my weekend to be fast and hectic too. Lately, Me, Renen, Noel and Jeff are trying to put this thing for the alternative concert. It's been quite difficult with our schedules and honestly I dont know if we can pull this off with ease I just hope we can beat the deadline with the concept and all. Ive seen the local video countdown and they dominate the top slots and the radio is playing it left and right ... i really dont understand a word they say ... just makes me wonder what made this group tick